Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eye on the Prize

Heart thumping "I can do this, I can do this" as I enter my Bible study room today. I need Jesus, the One and Only, much more than my morning Fox reporters.  And there it is, joy written all over the faces of the women who have traveled this rocky road before me. 
We shudder as we grasp 400 silent years; yes, 400 years of God withholding his Word. Then, when Yahweh saw his people could hunger no more, Jesus, God's Living Word, came! Silence pierced by the cry of an infant Son!  We ponder an interesting observation by our teacher, Beth: 'Time was coming, not going.'  And that's when Heaven touches my heart.  Rob knew his time was coming, not going. My precious husband faced a very certain death on earth with that unshakable conviction; he knew his life was all about coming into the presence of God, not counting earthly moments as they ticked away. 
I find myself drawn to the more recent photos of Rob. Can't help it!  There's a glimmer in his eyes, a peaceful smile, expectancy written deeply in his face and now I see clearly; he knows what is coming: the Hope of Glory! Joy deep, deep down in his soul...