Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photo by Jim Idiaquez
Counting Joy this Sunday afternoon...
One of the most difficult parts of losing Rob is that my family doesn't live nearby and I miss them terribly. God knew it was going to be so hard for me to live solo so He handpicked the perfect family to adopt me. We are a family of six as Amy puts it and we love each other dearly. They make me want to get up on the weekends so I can see K's basketball games and hang out with the girls. My life is full of texts and hugs and smiles that soothe this new loneliness.  Amy and Ashley remind me of a young Rob and Robin and I find myself whispering, "Yesss! They understand this God kind of love we shared for 40 plus years!" If only I can bless them as much as they bless me! 
So today I count the joy of adoption. They are not my surrogate family; they are a beautiful addition to the Moore family and the hands and feet of 
Jesus to me.
We said goodbye today with a tender group hug, a hug that will hold tight my broken heart.

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