Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another financial meeting this morning... My son has to take more time off to accompany me. 
Oh God, I feel like a huge liability! Why can't I get these things on my own? It would have been easier on the kids if I had gone home first. 
All I know to do is to trust the Psalmist' words and cast my burden on my Father. I love how Matthew Henry explains Psalm 55:22: "To cast our burden upon God, is to rest upon his providence and promise. And if we do so, he will carry us in the arms of his power, as a nurse carries a child, and will strengthen our spirits by his Spirit, so they can sustain the trial."   LORD, You carry my heavy load a lot better than I or my children can and to You, I'm never a liability. You promise to carry me through this meeting, sustain me and be my Wisdom! I'm resting on that today. 

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cal+claire said...

I'm so sorry! It seems like the hits just keep coming, but this will get dealt with. The paperwork will pass and then it will be good that you have spent this time looking for Joy in Christ because He will still be there when the busyness of paperwork has passed. (Just fyi, we will be here too!)