Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wound care is a messy, complicated thing. Wounds can be slow to heal and often need to be re-opened, aggravated in order to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.
Fresh grief can also prove to be a complicated mess. Old weeping wounds open as well and if they aren't fully exposed and cleaned, they most likely will scar the soul. 
I did a lot of grief-stuffing with the deaths of our parents. Life just took over,  but delayed mourning can no longer remain quiet; it spills too!    
Long before we learned of Rob's cancer, our hearts ached for eventual inclusion by some of our family. That gaping hurt continues to fester and I see no end to such unspeakable pain. Only now the exclusion screams  I must endure it without a constant companion - added insult.
Like the raw grief of losing my best friend, I want these other wounds to heal quickly and effortlessly. But wound care requires patience and dedication and often, a specialist for proper healing. So does grief!
I turn to the One who binds weeping wounds and cares for the brokenhearted, trusting that He will bring a fresh healing in His time.  But like David, I can't help asking "Oh Lord-how long?"

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cal+claire said...

I was listening to this song the other day and when I read this post it brought the song to my mind. I know it doesn't make things better, but sometimes voicing my concerns to God through music helps me express myself more deeply