Friday, January 17, 2014

Very bumpy Friday. Every test I scheduled had a glitch, three hours at the bank to wire money, and a mad dash downtown to sign corrected forms. And then I was hit with the hardest test of finding joy so far. I've developed a nervous habit since Rob's death. I get anxious about making new decisions and  catch myself rubbing my left forearm almost raw. So very unlike me... Well, today was full of those "first times" and at the end of the day I discovered my tennis bracelet, a gift from Rob, was missing. I must have rubbed it loose. I frantically searched and made calls and no bracelet to be found. My beautiful reminder of Rob gone forever. I wanted to crater, trust me, but instead, I began to remember a cold Christmas morning so long ago when he slipped that tiny wrapped box into my hands. We were in Kansas City, surrounded by my family. Oh, the oohs and awes when I removed my shiny new  bracelet. And my darling husband, so tickled at himself. Until recently, I've saved it for special occasions and every time I clasped it around my wrist, I remembered Rob's Christmas delight at making me feel so loved. I hope whomever is wearing my "sapphires and cz's" tonight treasure them as much as I have all these years, but I'll be content with hanging on to beautiful memories that forever adorn my joyful heart. 


Robin said...

Can you believe? The barista at Starbucks on Wescott found it while moving patio furniture. Needless to say, I was so grateful. I tried to give him a gift, but he said the story behind the bracelet moved him so much that's all the thanks he needed. Thank you, God and Michael and all of you who prayed!

cal+claire said...

God brought you back the bracelet! Wonderful!