Monday, December 1, 2014

Thirty days of naming our gifts... gratitude challenge to my 11th grade girls.  Record three gifts each day and be prepared for an amazing advent season. 
I awoke this morning, this first day of December, aware that beginning steps to the manger rival final ones to my husband's grave.
 Funny how last week I was flowing with thanksgiving and this morning I struggle with my own gratitude assignment. 
Early last December, I was thanking God for...
one more morning
 three unexpected kisses from my precious husband
catching Rob's occasional smiles, holding his warm hands and swabbing his mouth with Blue Bell
Joyous gifts for me this morning!
Today, I limp to the grave, reliving the final days of Rob's life on Earth. I fight to keep my eyes on my Savior's earliest days as God/Child. Can these two journeys intertwine into something beautiful?
Choose joy again and again
Offer thanksgiving in all circumstances
Not always for the circumstance, but in the circumstance
See the charis and the chara in the giving of thanks?
Naming the gifts unwraps the grace and affords JOY
Today, I name....
 Jeff Webdell 
on his birthday
My son in law who makes me chocolate chip pancakes, leaves a cup of warm coffee for me, takes care of my girls, and has become one of my best friends
Austin Tucker
a very tall college student who looks for me when he is home and reminds me of my husband's ministry
Freezing nights on the Plaza
Many nights strolling Kansas City streets under an explosion of colorful lights...the memory of window shopping for the perfect promise ring

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