Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

That first glance of the gulf always takes my breath away; it carries me back to childhood days and our long summer trips from Kansas City. This year is no different, but now a lump swells in my throat  along with the exhilaration of the moment. Rob did not make it back to the beach like we planned last fall; we raced to the emergency room instead. I grieve that I could not give him one last look at this place that holds so many wonderful memories for our family.
But, I promised myself that our Thanksgiving at the beach this year would honor Rob...we would create new memories and find reasons to laugh and smile. I must admit I wore sunglasses a lot to hide the brimming tears as I missed him so deeply. I think we were all very aware of the great void of his absence, but we fought to make this first Thanksgiving without him enjoyable.
I purchased a hand blown votive to light on special days, a symbolic way to remind us of how he brought so much light and warmth to each of our lives and of his constant presence in our hearts. As it sparkled, we remembered with thanksgiving.
Dinner was lively with two toddlers; we needed the levity. Bobby brought a taste of Galveston to the table with his delicious, homemade seafood bisque and of course, we stuffed ourselves on all of the traditional dishes Rob loved so dearly. 
Then it was off to the beach!

We topped off the day with pumpkin pie, Texas A&M football, pop-up books and goodbye hugs! 
Bobby and I finished the holiday with a long walk on the beach and chuckles about not needing toys for the boys. The doggy gate seemed to provide all of the entertainment and mishaps needed for our two little guys! I enjoyed seeing Galveston through my son's eyes. He is quite the islander and makes visits really fun. We browsed through some new antique shops and even discovered E.T. resides on the Strand.
I leave with a full stomach, but a much fuller heart. 
Thanksgiving 2014 has been a wonderful, unexpected gift from God.

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