Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since Rob was with us. I remember those last hours so keenly, crawling in his hospital bed and softly singing to him, lightly stroking his head, and painfully telling him he could leave us and we would be okay. Just after two a.m. on the fourth day of December, with one gentle breath, his face went from pain to peace. My heart leaped with the strangest joy as I knew his hideous journey with cancer was over and he was in the presence of Jesus...completely healed!
In those early hours, I bonded with my first born son like never before. We lovingly readied his dad before Mr. Dettling arrived to receive him. We watched him cover Rob with the most beautiful scarlet blanket, reminding us that he was blanketed in his Savior's redeeming blood and then, we walked through a dark, cold parking garage into a strange new world.
A week later, so many of you celebrated Rob's life with me; we sang powerful songs and listened to Duane and Jerome and Lindsay paint a beautiful portrait with their precious words. We all honored him well, didn't we? 
Today, I'll remember his life in a much quieter way, but I hope each of us will pause and smile when we think about our friend, Rob. 
I will smile when I think about his kindness and generosity, his vast vocabulary, his long fingers playing Chopin, but mostly I'll hold onto his beautiful smile.  I'm sure you have a story or two; they are most likely pretty funny. Perhaps, you will remember one of his "so what's" and ask yourself if you are living it.
Thank you for loving Rob and thank you for loving my family through this arduous journey. It is well with each of our souls.

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful man! I remember that day well where we sang and cried and remembered and were challenged and rejoiced. It was such a special day. I love you dearly!