Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Village
Rob's gift to me...
It started with this single church
and grew and grew until we considered new real estate to house it all.
We all chuckled; the family knew this was really Rob's collection. He could name the churches in order of their release, their retirement dates, and the year I received each piece.  When he ran out of steeples and naves to buy, he turned to Old London shops and cottages.  I remember his disappointment when I had to gently let him down...
"No more! There's no more room in the inn!"
 He loved his slice of Merry Old England, looking forward to the great reveal each December.
I wish I'd been a bit more enthusiastic about unpacking, dusting, running extension cords. 
I remember one year when we dragged a lawyer's bookcase home to encase the half I refused to repack. To Rob's delight...everlasting Dickens!
It's been a few years since there has been a big package under the tree and a gleam in his eye.
Oh, I miss that gleam in his eye.
Every piece of Rob's village has found it's proper place this year.  There's no more complaining about hauling down boxes and finding room for each item; Rob's village not only lights up the house, but also my heart with a host of beautiful Christmas memories.


TLynn Lane said...

They are beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Truly beautiful and such a lovely, beautiful lasting gift...even if he enjoyed them too! :)