Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The year I awoke to pain and loss.
The year I pledged to discover the real meaning of joy.
I've found it!
It sits with me in the pew, at the table for one, beside a good man's grave.
It fills me in a house full of family and friends. 
Joy guides me through confusion and chaos, ordering my life.
Gratitude precedes it.
It's found in a manger and on a cross.
He's the author of joy; He is my JOY.
I've grasped for it in the dark places; I've reluctantly let go of both treasure and rubbish to fully experience it. 
It spills with tears, laughter and hard questions.
is not a marketing "feel-good" strategy based on emotion.
It's truth that God has a better plan than I ever will, that I'm deeply loved by the Creator of the Universe, that the end may not be in sight, but will be perfect in all ways.
is a quiet confidence, a known, a peace.
Can I spread it like cheer or  
 catch it like happiness?
I don't know.
Often, I hold on to it with my dear life; sometimes, I feel it slipping from my soul!
 will continue to be my constant, conscious choice in the new year.