Friday, December 5, 2014

Good Grief

The first anniversary proved to be a day of deep joy.  Good memories flooded my soul throughout this solemn December 4th.
I began with a visit to Rob's grave where I dressed it for the holidays.  Rob loved our annual Christmas tree. After lowering the den lights each December night, we sat hand in hand, soaking in the beauty of our tree full of glass ornaments, many from decades past. The years I strung white lights were not as bright as the ones when I lit the tree all multi-colored.  Rob loved color and he let me know! After a quick run to find Jayhawk blue ornaments, his tiny tree was complete! 
I finished by placing a homemade cross by his grave...the cross...assurance of his heavenly home
Yesterday was a time to remember the beauty Rob brought each of our lives, his gifts that are forever imprinted on our hearts. 
Good Grief
After checking on the kids and close family friends, I made my way to Ecclesia to attend The Gift of Christmas, an intimate night featuring three amazing women who gifted us with their God-given words.
photo credit: Compassion International
An extraordinary night of spoken word, passionate music, and rare authenticity...
Dozens of third world children found Hope as women grabbed sponsor packets.
I loved my rare opportunity to sit up close and rest in my Savior's love.
Good Grief
 The day closed with an all too brief visit with Ann. I hold tight those long hugs and whispers this morning.
Sisters who lay their hearts wide open through words
Good Grief
I begin the second year of life without Rob today.
Although a year of grief has finally passed, a milestone doesn't magically erase a life.
I was reminded yesterday of the pressure to perform for the comfort of others.
But, I was also encouraged to keep living a vulnerable life that is sometimes filled with sorrow and loss.
One can't heal the amputation of a soul with one short snuff of an anniversary.

Photo credit:Charles Schulz
I'll keep offering clumsy words and naming gifts. Grief will ebb and flow.
I'll keep Rob's powerful legacy afloat.
And that's good grief!

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