Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I shouldn't have to put scissors to cotton...
Themed XL's should fill a duffle bag, ready for 
 camp adventure, not pieced together like my broken heart.

Parents shouldn't have to release balloons to the heavens along with their broken dreams. Baby flesh should fill their empty arms.

Salt of the earth shouldn't have to sift through the rubble after the storm.  Memories should hide in leather clad books and curio cabinets.

dreams to despair...hope to heartache

Oh where do we run when should turns to should not?

There is one King who weeps when we weep.
There is one Throne where we find rest.
There is one Voice that calls us home.

to whom we can raise our fist...spill our tears...ask our why's...
who promises to turn our 
despair to dreams...heartache to hope
who supplies courage to make that first cut, let go of heartstrings, and retrieve treasures for our hearts
who creates new and whole out of shards
and leads the broken to praise Him in the storm



Teresa said...

T-shirt quilts are great. That is a great idea to make one of Rob's camp shirts. I enjoy keeping up with your blog. Its in my reader so I see and read it every time you post. You keep on writing. It is healing for the heart and may bless someone who needs to read what you write. :)

Robin said...

Thank you! I wish I could put into words how healing it is to see this pile of reminders of such a wonderful life of service become something that will be lasting and bring me great comfort. I've been fighting a lot of attack in regards to writing. Your encouragement really, really helps me. Blessings!