Saturday, February 8, 2014

Salty Joy

John Piper says it so well! 
"The taste of life people are aching for is to see a person who is happy in the midst of pain; who's got something so deep, so unshakable, so indomitable and invincible that when all around their soul gives way, their joy doesn't give way...That would be so salty, so bright, so bright that it would look like the glory of God on earth...You'll be the salt of the earth. You'll be what the world needs and even what the taste buds of their soul are longing for and they don't know it."
Happy in the midst of pain...not lighthearted, not fun to be around...instead, Confident!  Unshakable confidence in the sovereignty of God.
Paul and Timothy, with their hearts wide open, declared their state: sorrowful, but always rejoicingtruth for the church at Corinth, truth for us, and truth for those considering a place on a pew.
Authentic suffering held together with deep conviction that God is doing a profound work in the midst of our pain...sounds like JOY that invites souls to taste and see that the LORD is good. Salty joy!

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