Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Gifters

I hesitate pushing the "publish" button.
What if I leave out a piece of love or project the idea that tangibles outweigh the intangibles or even suggest that anyone should grace me at all?
All are the gifters, beautiful souls speaking their own love language...each brings healing and joy in unique ways!
Handcrafted to help me meet the One
One who knows this woman breathes a little easier when she safely wears a token of love
Family who senses a rub of the wrist brings courage to take another step
The very words that grant me permission to grieve my way and on my timetable
Pages that evoke beautiful memories
Words of Life lovingly quilted one stitch at a time
Glorieta love from fellow Son worshipers

I only wish I could photograph Marie who bows her head each week from her plane or Alice who pens note after encouraging note while buried in pain and chaos or Diane and Karen who log many hours just listening... The Smith family that pour love out like honey or Tiffany and Rebecca who paint words that reach the soul. 
The unseen just too long to list.
Counting much joy on this Tuesday...

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