Friday, February 14, 2014

To My Valentine

My dearest Rob, 
Today my sweet husband, you stand in the presence of LOVE! It must be magnificent to be completely healed, forever at peace in the arms of Jesus. I can't wait to stand beside you and worship the One and Only together.
Valentine's Day without you, another first... I must be honest, it kind of stinks being left behind.  I miss that heart-shaped candy box with the plastic red rose and frilly white lace and I miss that ridiculously expensive Hallmark card signed "Love always, Rob."  But mostly I miss your touch, my head buried in your chest, that beautiful smile of yours.  We made a great pair, didn't we?  You always devoured all of the milk's while I savored the dark's, all the while aware you were leaving the best chocolates for me. But wasn't that just like you? On this day, I celebrate the selfless love you poured over me and our kids throughout your short life, knowing you never gave one thought to your own desires. 

Today I will visit your resting place; I'll lay a single rose and savor a love story beautifully lived. I'll smile from ear to ear as I grasp every one of those February memories and hide them deep within my heart. I'll offer up a quiet prayer for our children and their mates, asking that they be graced with even a portion of the love we shared. 

When I depart, I'll leave behind another piece of me, but in exchange, I'll carry you along in my brimming heart as I explore what lies ahead.
I love you, Rob, always and forever...

From your August 1, 2010 facebook... And I know I'll never lose affection for the people and things that went before. I know I'll often stop and think about them; in my life I loved you more.   Beatles 

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