Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A brief rant

I hate the word, "Widow!"
I hate it!
I hate it!
I hate it!
I am not a widow!
I am Mrs. Rob Moore!
Have always been; will always be!
Ears covered...don't use it around me...
The kindest thing one can do is address me as Rob's wife. I earned that beautiful title!
I will not check that five letter word on any form
 without adding a disclaimer and I will not attend anything that includes that name. Period!
Ok; I feel a lot better!


Robin said...

Still ranting....according to Emily Post, etiquette expert, when a woman loses her husband she is to be addressed by Mrs. and her husband's first and last name. Good enough for me!

Robin said...

Now that I have that out of my system, call me Warrior Woman, because I will fight on my knees and I will survive!

cal+claire said...

I love you deeply! You will always be Mrs. Rob Moore, the end.