Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photo credit: Robin Moore
Life is but a mist, a breath, a fleeting shadow, a passing breeze.
  I know this first hand, don't I? 
I am learning to make each day count, realizing our days are numbered. 
A decade ago,  that term "making each day count" would have looked a lot different than it does today. Making the most of every hour, my day would have been defined by a weighty schedule of appointments and tasks.  But today, it looks more like a long slow drink. A cancer diagnosis does that to you. Rob's day grew to a slow crawl early in his illness; he could no longer expend energy on anything outside himself and even that took everything he had. I found myself counting days and even hours, anticipating that his strength would fail him; I began to soak in every sacred moment, collecting a lifetime of memories. As a result, my rhythm dramatically changed. I learned to sit, to pray, to listen, ignoring the clock.
I look around me in this new season, very mindful of the daily race. Albeit, sometimes unavoidable, I see the toll the fast and furious takes.
I'm still crawling, but God is teaching me that I don't need to catch up with everyone else. 
A long slow drink...
His creation looks more vibrant, His Truth more powerful, His people more precious...
A deeper joy.


D. Baksai said...

Robin, looking through your blog has been like looking through my own soul. I can see the battle that your husband fought just by looking at the pictures. My husband looked the same way in his fight. I remember bringing the car around to pick him up at the hospital one day and I didn't even realize the tiny little man in the wheel chair sitting by the door was my husband!. Keep fighting the good fight and keep the faith for all that God has called you to. God bless you and your family.

Robin said...

It's kind of funny, D. Baksai; I gravitate to those photos. I see such a courageous, kind, godly man in the latter photos. But I agree, there were times I was even startled at the change! I appreciate your encouragement.