Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day is approaching.
Hallmark paints it all lovely and for many it is a wonderful day of celebration. But, some of my friends will greet the day with bittersweet emotion. They can no longer mail greetings to the women who poured their entire lives into them and frankly, some are still searching for a thread of relationship with the female who bore them.
I greatly miss the two women who shaped Rob and me.

 I, like Kevin Durant, would love to tell both of these women that they are the real MVP's.
Thankfully, I can express that to the moms of my grandchildren this Sunday.
They give their "all" to Sam, Stephen, Matthew and Jill. (Are there any more I don't know about?)

I wish every child had a mother she could cherish and honor; my heart won't let me forget the young Cambodian girls of Home of Hope who were sold to older men by their own mothers.  Innocent children, who were forced to grow up much too quickly, introduced into the heinous world of human trafficking by someone they completely  trusted.  Some are the lucky ones; they are rescued and hopefully before their immature bodies are ravaged with disease and irreversible trauma.  This Sunday, I will also thank God for the house moms that share the love of Christ with these precious children who live in a home of hope.  These women are my heroes! They are the less than 2% who follow Jesus and through employment made possible by Little Changes International, make an amazing difference in the shattered lives of young Cambodian girls.
Would you join me in praying for these young girls and their house moms, the real MVP's, this Sunday?

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