Monday, May 5, 2014

Frequent flyer miles about to expire... "Rob, you choose the destination this time." After exploring a few travel sites, he paused. "Let's just go back to the beach." Destin, a place with history, family vacations in the sand that sparkles like sugar... Romantic getaways, just the two of us..
"Let's go back to the place where it all started." The blue Cape Cod with white picket fence...Memories of sun-kissed, blonde children splashing in the waves, Sea Blaster dolphin tours, a family of five squeezed in a maroon Geo Prism still fill my heart.

Looking back, Rob was tired.  Work had been stressful and navigating new territory just seemed too much. A week of rest, lazy strolls, and hours stretched out under an umbrella staring out into the deep blue sea... That's what he needed to recharge.
We missed our adult children on Mother's Day, but they made their presence known with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Rob seemed amused at my endless set of photos to remember our surprise delivery. 

We treasured every moment of that beautiful week. Perfect weather, near empty beaches, hours talking, strolling, remembering. Little did we know that this was our final farewell to our little corner of paradise, our calm before the storm, our last dance in the sand. But our God knew and He rolled out perfection!

I captured many photos that week, but my favorite will always be the only one of the two of us, shot by a sweet beach employee.  Another amazing gift from a God who knew.

My beautiful best friend!
He looked healthy and happy that day.
We made footprints in the sand and on each other's heart those precious May days. 

Each day is a gift to be treasured.
Embrace them well.

Photo credits...Robin Moore



Donna Clarquist said...

This one was really tough

Robin said...

Yes, hope you had a tissue ready. It took everything in me to write it down, Donna.