Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lighthouse Philosophy

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Rob and I traveled America in search of lighthouses; we were never disappointed.
A few years ago, we spent some quiet days in Cannon Beach, Oregon and we could see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse from our balcony. 

Today, I found an old email from Rob, sent on the one year anniversary of our trip.

-----Original Message-----
From: Moore, Rob 
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 6:55 PM
To: Moore, Robin
Subject: Lighthouse philosophy

We can't all be shining lights--but we can twinkle a little and make a

Rob rarely hid his light under a bushel, but in his quiet, unassuming manner, he would have described his Matthew 5:16 lifestyle as just a twinkle.
If still living, Rob would have challenged his "young men" and the rest of our beloved 2014 graduates to go humbly into the world, make a difference and give God the glory.
His "So What!"...
 It's not about you, but all about Him!


Rebecca said...

i love this. i can imagine him saying that. When i think of Rob, i often think about conversing with him at the back of the 11th grade SS room while Stan was doing his thing at the front. He seemed to always ask how i was doing. I picture him scanning his roll of guys holding it close to his face so he could see it. I guess one of the last times i saw him at Tallowood in the worship center, he was doing the same thing, seeing which of his guys had been in SS that morning. I'm sure it took all of his energy that morning (and yours!) to get him to church, but he wasn't concerned about himself, but about how his guys were doing. So very unassuming, and yet such a bright TWINKLE he was! :)

Robin said...

Rebecca, you are just beautiful. I can't tell you how much this means to me, that you would take the time to share in such detail. I wish I could hug both you and him right now. Love you so much.