Thursday, August 1, 2013

One night I'm losing hope and the next I'm counting our blessings. What a roller coaster we are riding.  As I turn in for the night, in great anticipation of what tomorrow's first solo treatment with the experimental antibody will bring, I am very cognizant that we are surrounded by more encouragers than any one couple deserves. Old friends, new friends, faithful family all praying for healing. How can we be so blessed? I just laughed with an old friend about how we used to have  to use that dinosaur called the kitchen wall phone to communicate our needs and now we have Face Book and sites like Caringbridge that offer speedy messages with just a few key strokes. We have a medical team that is the best in the world and we only have to drive across town to seek their expertise. Again, how can one couple be so incredibly blessed? Our God is good, He is faithful, He is our Hope!

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