Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm getting pretty good at this solo-eating gig! Well, until today...
My favorite restaurant was half empty, perhaps because of the holiday. I had the pick of the restaurant, but I was led back to a little booth tucked away in the bar.  Uncomfortable...especially since I don't drink! Oh, the sweet girl tried to make me one, even insisting that I enjoy a sample watermelon margarita. It did make for a colorful, untouched centerpiece, perfectly proportioned to my teeny, tiny table. People, I need room for chips and salsa and enchiladas ...and texas-size iced tea!
All was going well until two young guys sat down a few inches away from me at the bar.  Not knowing how to behave myself in such establishments, I sheepishly waved at them and immediately went back to staring at chips and a shot of watermelon slush.  Awkward! [giggling at myself as I type away] Who waves in a restaurant?
Next time...yes, there will be a next time...I'll fight for my right to sit with the rest of the world, even if I do take up more real estate. But for now, I'll just laugh it off and learn one more thing about living solo.

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