Friday, September 25, 2015

If: Trading Your If Only Regrets For God's What If Possibilities
by Mark Batterson
I've never been asked to be a part of a launch team for a new book.  I don't know the rules; I just know that God has used Mark's prior books to mature me.
My copy of IF came later than anticipated so it's crunch time to read and promote before its October release.  Disclosure: I won't have time for thorough proofing, so I hope you can look past any grammatical errors as I race to scrawl my thoughts as I read.
I think God planned my late entrance into the launch.  I finished a short devotional on hope for a women's event the night before Mark's new book arrived. The mental and spiritual preparation involved in writing it led me to a place of discovery: I've been living out a lot of if only as I grieve my husband's death and absence.  Only now am I at a place where I can even entertain what if possibilities.  
 So I welcome what God has in store for me as I bury myself in If: Trading Your If Only Regrets For God's What If Possibilities.  
I receive no financial compensation for my participation in promoting this book, but I'm expecting a huge spiritual windfall as I grow through thirty chapters devoted to the eighth chapter of Romans.  Having devoured the first two rich chapters, I already know I could clog social media with what I have gleaned, so I invite you here to discover why I'm so excited about IF

One little if can change everything.
One little if can change anything.
Mark Batterson

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