Friday, May 8, 2015

"Me too!"
A young father shares his firsts without his wife and through the lump in my throat, I whisper, "Me too!"
I selfishly hope he continues to pen his journey; maybe we all need a little company as we walk through rocky firsts and seconds and maybe, even thirds. 
A busy dad, navigating unfamiliar waters...can he afford the time and emotion to bleed on paper; can he afford not to?
I doubt that Jason sees the strength and encouragement he offers others through his early days of honesty. But God's definitely not done with the Tippetts' story; He still desires to show His abundant goodness to this corner of the world. 
Even as I encourage Jason's writing, I admit it is harder for me to write these days. Why bother; we all get it: grief is a constant, annoying companion.    But what if one fellow fumbler needs a safe place to reply, "Me too!" and questions if there is more than just hurt?
Words remind me of a buffet.  We can take a serving of some and pass over the ones we don't desire...and sometimes, we even return for seconds. Feel free to sample here and pull away when you are full.
Yet, like a lot of you, my favorite part of a buffet is the dessert, especially if it is topped high with meringue and nestled in flaky crust! I seem to always make it to the end for the culinary prize.
Makes me think...
What a loss if we only scratch the ugly and never reach the beauty. Obedience calls us to finish the story. 

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