Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I digest a lot of words; phrases often catch my attention. Recently two have stopped me in my tracks: white space and her path has given her the right. Both force me to think a lot about this new season.

White space - you know, the area left unmarked, unfilled. In advertising, a large amount of white space draws attention to a message. Others speak to the need for white space thinking to stir creativity. 
Living alone, I notice a lot of unmarked time.  At first, I desperately tried to fill it, attempting to avoid the unthinkable pain, but these days, I embrace the white space, hoping it, too, will bring greater understanding of my grief and my God.  Listening when there seems to be no answers forces me to trust beyond my comfort level and waiting in the unknown while God works out the details of his great plan requires me to cling tightly to his sovereignty.

Her journey has given her the right - the right or the privilege?
How will God use this tsunami? I still feel a few bruises inflicted by well-meaning women who earned the right a long time ago.  LORD, color my advice, my encouragement with gentleness! 
How long will I wait in all this whiteness? When do I get to use all this pain?  I continue to ask that not only the storm that swept my world as I knew it, but this empty, lonely waiting time will bring attention to my great God. 

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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