Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dear Bobby,  33 years became the third RSM, but more importantly, the next in a legacy of smart, strong, and godly Moore men.
Your dad was captivated by his little girl, but I wish you could have seen his face when he met his boy for the first time. He kept saying, "It's a boy, it's a boy..." His eyes, welled up with tears, said it all.
He was so proud of you!  Every accomplishment made him beam, but you could have never thrown a curve ball, made an "A" on an exam, or earned another degree and he would have cherished you just as much.  He loved your soul, your little boy smile, the way you cared for your friends. 
He treasured the Sunday afternoon you announced to us that you were going to ask Jesus into your heart and no one was going to stop you.  
I will never forget this past year and how you stuck by your dad's side, holding his hand, telling him how much you loved him through many difficult tears. 
I will always be grateful that you took him to his last concert and that you carried that ridiculous mattress through the hospital parking lot to make his last night on earth a comfortable one. He felt so loved by you, Bobby. Hold on to that and smile!
Today, I celebrate you and thank God for your life.
Happy Birthday, Son.   I love you more than life itself, Mom  

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