Thursday, July 10, 2014

In sickness and in health

Everyone loves a good love story. Recently my friend had brain surgery and her wonderful husband has been her primary caretaker. Scot updates their blog so we can all pray more personally for her recovery. In one of the recent posts, Scot wrote that one of the readers felt as if he was reading a love story. 
Oh, how right he is, a beautiful, tender account of a husband's adoration, periods of helplessness, and sacrifice as he supports his lovely wife.
I know; I've walked in his shoes.  
24/7 care of a soul mate in his deepest pain... Times when there was not a thing I could do, but kneel before him, hold his frail hands and storm the heavens for relief.
Moments when I thought my love-swollen heart would break in two as I moved to his pace, his needs.
Never again would I want to see my Rob suffer like he did, but I must admit, I miss taking care of my husband. Crazy! 
Those five and a half months weren't pretty at all; they left me spent beyond words, but caring for him was my greatest expression of love for Rob. So many details have turned foggy, but the intimacy in those hard moments remains crystal clear. 
Years ago, I worked in a long-term care facility. I was overwhelmed at the number of young people who resided there because their spouse had given up and walked away from their marriages. I always thought they had missed their blessing.
Oh, I know it's hard, the hardest thing I've ever done, but I'm forever changed because of it. Rob's cancer taught me how to love like Christ. I walk this new journey with a love and knowledge of my husband that will carry me until we meet again. And I see pain with new eyes!
I wonder if the writer of our traditional wedding vows knew first hand the "sickness" part. Did he see the joy that comes from pouring out one's alabaster jar? Did he learn mercy and patience and tenderness?
Gratefully, Scot's wife will heal in time and they will resume their "happily ever after," but I know they are writing a love story very few will ever live. 


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