Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm still "dog-paddling" through this dark season after camp, trying to keep my head above the murky waters of depression. But I'm learning lessons that will carry through my life.
My takeaway from six days at summer camp is kindness. The kindness of others carried me through a week of inexplicable pain and loss.
Wednesday night's hike to the Exodus tabernacle might have been my hardest day since I said goodbye to Rob. Every seven years, our youth ministry erects this remarkable structure with careful detail. It's really like journeying through the time of Moses, but unlike the Israelites of his time, we have the opportunity to enter the Holy of Holies, a place that was reserved only for the High Priest.
The time came to move through the entrance to The Holy Place and after an evening of stuffing every emotion imaginable, my dam broke and uncontrollable tears spilled! Not only was I overwhelmed with the reminder that I have 24/7 access to our great God because of the Cross, but I was completely overcome with what I could only imagine Rob was experiencing. In His presence...face to face...Glory revealed... 
So undone that I could hardly stand! That's when Cal Mummert, a wonderful friend, rushed to my side, looped his strong arm with mine, and made the emotional walk with me through our tabernacle. With each step, I cried harder, but he held on tighter. Oh, kindness beyond words; I shall never forget that, Cal! 
I planned to hike back down to our lodging, but dear Paul Boedeker insisted I ride instead. Paul, you knew I needed help and had a plan! Did you know that the trip down might have done irreparable damage to my injured knee?
I reached the fire pit and there was Jimmie O'Quinn, waiting with arms wide open. Jimmie, Cal, and sweet Hudson, one of Rob's guys, held me, prayed over me, and for the first time all week, I felt pain lift and new strength fill me; I could now pay forward the kindness shown by these special men.  

To be continued...

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