Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13,) one of the first promises I ever memorized. It's one thing to recall a string of words and yet, quite another to tightly grasp on to them as you feel yourself sinking into the darkest pit.
In less than 12 hours, I found myself re-packed from an exhausting week at youth camp and boarding a Boeing 737 headed for San Diego. Last minute details for Jill's first birthday party awaited along with a house full of people I barely knew. Sam's first dance recital, SeaWorld, candyland games, sleepless nights filled the next week and here I sat slumped in an aisle seat, desperately trying to collect the shards of my broken heart.  
Did I believe the apostle Paul? Would I let Christ carry me through both the exhaustion and the pain? Could I cling to the same words Paul could believe as he sat in his prison?
 "I can do all things" has nothing to do with gaining super powers, but everything to do with trusting the Super Power. I would still limp, but firmly tethered to his hope, his joy, his "I AMness."
How can an emotional mess sing and dance with little ones while bobbing in the murky waters of depression and grief? How can a drowning soul peel back the covers and bring light into a busy family day after day? How can the broken keep hobbling through uncertainty?

Only through Christ, only through Christ...


cal+claire said...

You are such a good example. Christ is all any of us have. When I feel like just one more cry from a baby, one more "hold you" will send me over the edge, is Christ. It's only Christ.

Noelle said...

This is very humbling indeed. Despite everything, Christ is in the forefront. I send you hugs Robin. Missed seeing you in Texas. Maybe in Christmas time.