Thursday, July 3, 2014

I packed a plan for camp.  I'm a leader and I would use my gift like I had for so many years. Rob always encouraged it and I thrived on that stage. 
I never unpacked my plan.
Instead, I found myself in a front row seat, watching a new cast, a new script, and another brutal loss.
Ambushed again!  How much pain must one person endure? Did I hear You wrong, God?
With no reserve left, I hit the breaking point.
"God, I've been so flexible, re-adjusting at every crook and turn.  Lord, I can't improvise this time! I told you it was too soon. Here I am, stuck; why can't  I just run away?" Those were the nice things that raced through my aching mind.
I'll use your sufferings. Trust Me!
And He did...
I will lead you to those in need. I will supply all your needs.
And He did...

Joshua: Miss Robin, I just can't recite my verses. It's just too hard. 
Me: I know; sometimes it's all too hard!  
Joshua points to a word: anxious. No clue what it means or how to pronounce it. I want to scream "It's me!"
Joshua became my hero, my courageous Ugandan scripture buddy.  Although I encouraged him to say his verses in Luganda or Swahili, Joshua insisted that he recite them in English, his new language.
And he did! It took a lot of sign language, associations and prayer, but he did it. While everyone else sat and ate lunch, brave and determined Joshua stood before our Camp Eagle sponsor and poured out life-sustaining words. 

Yes, LORD; a new plan for the week.
Joshua and I formed a bond and a powerful friendship over the week. As we worked on verses, we learned about each other's sufferings and sadly, he had brought much from his native Uganda. 
And God said, "You can thrive offstage in the wings and under my Wings."
To be continued...

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