Friday, January 30, 2015

 While we awaited J.P.'s arrival, Lindsay and I found ourselves wrestling a nagging question: Does Rob know his grandson is being born?  We deeply hoped he would witness his arrival. 
Just then, I looked out the kitchen window and to my utter surprise, I watched one of the biggest monarch butterflies settle on the grass just feet away.  I didn't have time to grab my camera; I'm not sure I would want a shutter to distract from such an amazing moment.
Was it a sign? I rarely see Monarchs in my yard and I can't ever remember a sighting this early in the year...or while I hoped for an answer.  Oh, I'll never know, but I'd like to think it was a God whisper, a beautiful reminder that the Creator directs the entire cycle of life.  We bid our "until we see you again" love to those we cherish and yet, we welcome fresh little faces filled with hints of generations past.  We wait, cocooned in our present sufferings,  and at His precise moment, we emerge with new beauty and fly higher for a season.  He oversees it all.
Lindsay and I don't know how Rob connects to us here on earth, we just know we feel him every day.  ...and we know a granddaddy and his grandson are connected by more than  strands of DNA, but by prayers of years gone by and stories yet to be told.  
We haven't forgotten, dear Rob...that promise to pour your hopes and firm faith into our brood of littles.  You'll see!  And they'll know their granddad was a great man!

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Donna Clarquist said...

Of course Rob knows! I also believe that the butterfly was a kiss from God. J.P. is beautiful and perfect!