Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rob was usually a very engaging speaker, but that Wednesday evening in late May of 2013, I was surprised at his lackluster delivery.  He had spent many hours preparing to teach the youth teachers at our church, but I heard great fatigue in his voice. He  lacked his usual command of his audience; I struggled to even hear him in that large room.  Being so unlike him, I knew deep down that something was not right.  
After searching for months, I found his notes for the last Bible study he would ever teach. But wasn't it truly Rob's life, relationships, grace and courage under fire that spoke louder than any formal teaching outline?
Even so, they are treasure to me and I want to share his thoughts that evening for those who served alongside him.
 Rob's 633 Notes on John the Baptist
How might doubt be manifested in the lives of our students?
·         Does God really care about me?
·         How could God allow bad things to happen to good people?
·         Is there only one way to God?
We are not alone/unique.  Everyone (including great men of God) has faced doubt
·         John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, man in Mark 9:24
Doubt often shows up:
·         When we try to apply our expectations to God.  The problem isn’t with God’s plan; it is with us
·         Quickly after a spiritual “high”
·         When we are already struggling with physical, financial or other issues
When we experience doubt, we should remember Jesus’ example of dealing with John the Baptist gently and encouragingly
·         We can tell Him how we feel.  God is big enough to handle our doubts and fears
·         He is loving.  Unlike the world, God’s response to our doubts isn’t to scold, belittle, criticize or ridicule, but to build us up.
·         He is trustworthy.  God never gives up on us, rejects us or leaves us. He understands our shortcomings and encourages us to draw closer to Him.

·         not who we would like Him to be
·         through His Holy Spirit and the Word

Isaiah 50:10
Romans 8:35, 37
Matthew 28:20

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Anonymous said...

I remember this..How it spoke to me that Wednesday night and how I needed to hear it. I also remember it for Rob was able to just really point out the obvious and make it so relevant to his boys and us too.. Thanks for sharing this..