Friday, July 12, 2013

We jumped! We left the safety of a commercial treatment plan that promised a few more months and dove head first into the murky waters of experimental drugs. Faith in the mixture of toxins and antibodies? Not a chance. Complete dependence on the greatness of a GOD who can pulverize cancer cells. Can we trust Him to heal without man-made medicine? Of course, but we have seen Him move mountains to get us to the right doctor, schedule impossible tests in His time, and flood us with complete peace concerning this clinical trial that could save the next generation of pancreatic patients. 
Mark Batterson writes "If you don't take a risk; you forfeit a miracle." Perhaps...  Moses and Noah, looking foolish, risked their reputations, but they trusted God, even when the higher plan didn't make sense. Peter never would have become a "water-walker" had he stayed in the hull of the boat. We must admit that safety was tempting and uncharted waters seem a bit crazy, but we are trusting God's plan instead of the grim statistics of survival from this beast. Conventional treatment aligns with the odds; divine healing has no assigned number. 
So we offer thanks to our Maker, not just our gift Giver, and we ask, we expect, and ultimately, we accept His plan. We have dived into a sea of belief.

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