Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Could I really find happy in the hard?
A mountain load of losses and difficult challenges in recent years...
I wasn't even sure happiness fit in my life anymore.  

Jennifer's invitation to join the launch team for her new book sparked something deep inside. She had me hooked with "You carry the DNA of your happy and holy God." Just as I had fought to choose joy in deep grief, I truly wanted to find something extraordinary in this new season without Rob. Happiness might possibly be the gift I could offer God. 
Oh, I was not disappointed—a great read!
 Well-researched and organized, The Happiness Dare explores five different happiness styles as well as practical ideas to foster our unique wiring. 
Just think, even our happiness is tailor made by our God! Jennifer not only shares her own honest pursuit of one of God's greatest gifts, but encourages her readers with exceptional stories of others finding their happiness in difficult situations. 

The Happiness Dare is not for wimps!
Oh, it's a delightful poolside read, but be prepared for God to change your life.
I discovered that The Experiencer is begging to emerge and it's going to take a lot of courage to open that door.
Are you ready to take The Happiness Dare?
Won't you join me as we find ourselves some happy? 

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