Wednesday, May 25, 2016

These are a permanent fixture in my kitchen.
It seems like I always have a wipe in hand, constantly running one over the crumbs and spills that collect on my counters. They are an easy fix so things look nice on the surface.     Today, my hand stuck to the underneath of my countertop! Yes, literally stuck! I'd been so busy wiping away the grime that was noticeable to the eye, that I'd neglected everything else.
My spiritual life is a bit like this. My friends see someone who appears ready to live out her love for Jesus and his Word, but I wonder what they might think of me if they swept more than the surface. Would they flinch at the selfishness, the judgement, the unforgiveness...the lack of faith, the false idols?
I never want to get stuck in my walk with Jesus. I am reminded, wipe in hand, of the importance of constantly guarding my heart and asking God to create in me a new one, renewing a right spirit in me. 
How deep am I willing to let Him test me and examine my heart and mind?
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8
I want to be the one with clean hands and a pure heart, oh God. I want to see You in all of your Glory!

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Donna Clarquist said...

You always write exactly when I need it!