Thursday, August 20, 2015

My dearest Rob...
Yellow roses wrapped in teal ribbon.
Remember? 39 years ago... they filled the sanctuary.
At the time, we didn't know they represented contentment, everlasting joy and warm friendship...
pretty fitting for what would bloom over our years together.

A hot August day in Kansas and I chose long-sleeved dresses for the bridesmaids! The year of white tuxes for grooms and puffy sleeves for brides...I chuckle now, but in 1976, we thought we were quite in fashion.

Remember our surprise when we learned the Republican Convention had scheduled their little event in our hometown on OUR WEEKEND? How dare they book every Kansas City hotel room and restaurant!
We might have been two poor college grads on a very slim wedding budget, but we were rich in love and dreams for the future.

Today, I remember our special day while I love on three of our beautiful grandchildren; you are right in the midst of the chaos, tucked snugly in my heart! Not a minute do you ever leave me, my beloved. I smile a lot these days as our sweet memories carry me to pleasant places.


The farther back you  can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.   

                                        Winston Churchill 

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