Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Perfect Valentine

I swaddled my heart tight, hoping it would keep from fracturing once again. That penetrable shell melted the moment my daughter placed her new one in my arms. We were meant to love, not hide; weren't we...and love swallowed me with one quick glance.
I happily took the night shift and we kissed away the stark surprises of life outside the womb. We mused about days and dreams to come and I whispered sweet prayers to Heaven for this little miracle.
Little One crept deep, deep into my heart still brimming with grief. 
My Perfect Valentine
I vowed, always a fragile gamble, that I would never again give my heart to another man.  I've failed miserably; there is a new male in my life...all eight pounds of baby boy. I've surrendered to love and tonight I feel the twinges of familiar pain as I long to wrap these empty arms around human flesh once again.

Missing you, little one...sleep tight.

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