Monday, August 4, 2014

August of '71, my seventeenth birthday...
Rob showed up in coat and tie, waving two tickets for a Starlight Theatre performance of Cabaret, starring Joel Grey. I don't think either one of us knew what a cabaret was or for that matter, really cared. Romance was in the air and Rob had planned a special celebration.
But that wasn't the only surprise! He reached back in his blue Pontiac Tempest and pulled out a big, brightly wrapped box.

"Go ahead; open it," he urges, quite pleased with his gift. 
As I gently unfold the tissue paper, I can't believe my eyes. This precious seventeen year old boy has bought me a bright orange, ruffled maxi dress to wear on our special date.

Now, how many teenage boys do you know who would do such a thoughtful (and risky) thing?

To this day, I have no idea if he just guessed my size or had some serious help from his sister, but it was a perfect fit and it was beautiful!

I felt so pretty and very loved that sultry summer evening, something very foreign for me. A magical night... We were dipping our toes into adulthood and grabbing on to our "happily ever after." This girl in orange knew she had found someone very special.  
I would receive many more August tickets as the years passed: surprise plane rides and summer concerts, but forty-three years later, I cling on to ruffles and memories of a sweet adolescence. Memories of a darling blonde boy soothe my heart and time stands still, if only for a few moments.
Yes, the orange dress hangs in my closet 43 years later and I can almost wear it!


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