Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rob was not much of a shopper.
Last minute Christmas and birthday shopping looked more like another of his beloved sporting fast could he race through the mall, finishing in record time?  Honestly, we both knew I was better suited for the task of gathering  gifts.
But as Rob's last days approached, he wanted to leave his children with something very meaningful and personal. With the help of a graphic artist, he designed this print. 

We placed them in floating frames, uncluttered, kind of like their dad and needless to say, each child was deeply moved by his gift. 
He hoped that on the lonely days, they would be reminded that their dad thought they could do anything in which they set their mind.  He believed they would be kind and gentle and that they would run a good race all the way to the finish line. 
I hope on their first Father's Day without the physical presence of their wonderful dad, they'll remember and believe he is still cheering them on.


Doug Smith said...

Robin, I love this post!

Cyndi Whitten said...

love love this