Saturday, March 22, 2014

God's Time

Rob listening to old Friends alumni talking about the good old days

Dinner's on the table and it's getting cold. Where is that man? 
How many of us have repeated those words in our lifetime?As our years together leaned into an easy stride, I wised up, learning our nightly fare needed to take a back seat to something bigger. Rob was usually late because someone had stopped him to talk. Rob lived on God's Time, not Robin's or even his own. 
He didn't schedule his life so tightly that he would be rattled if life threw a curve ball into his day.  Rob enjoyed the conversations with the people who graced his day, never thinking of them as interruptions. Chats after Sunday night basketball, Wednesday night meetings, or while packing up to leave the office, Rob, "all in" when it came to people, made time for his friends.  He wanted to know about their families, their dreams and most importantly, their trials.
I love how he would follow up to see if an interview went well or a family conflict was resolved. He just enjoyed doing life well with his friends at a leisurely, live-giving pace. 
A lot like Jesus, don't you think? A wise young ruler, a tax collector, a woman with a twelve year long health problem,  just to mention a few who altered his day... And Jesus would stop and make that individual's need the most important appointment of the day. No irritation, no annoyance, everything and everyone would wait, time stood still while the Master loved on his Father's time.
I'm learning from both. 

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