Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My best friend, today we celebrate sixty years of a life well lived. Yes, my heart breaks that I'm unable to greet you today with a sweet kiss, wrap my arms around you and tell you how much I love you, but I know that you are spending your birthday in the presence of the King. A party so magnificent, so beautiful, anything I would throw for you pales in comparison. 
In the past days, family and friends have shared memory after memory about your beautiful life. What else could be said?  I'm so proud to call myself Mrs. Rob Moore. You chose to take a chance on a pretty insecure 17 year old and with great patience you helped me grow into a strong, determined woman. Even through all the hiccups of life, we were blessed with such a great love and friendship; I'll treasure both until we meet up again. Thank you for showing kindness and generosity. Today a bunch of us are going to have the time of our lives doing what you did on a daily basis: blessing others that need some hope and cheer. See the legacy you are leaving? 
Today, we will choose joy as we celebrate your sixty years. I'm not sure about the workings of Heaven, but I hope you can break away from the "Real Party" to enjoy a little Kingdom work on your behalf. 
Today I celebrate your beautiful smile, your hazel eyes, your healed body and the multitude of memories that help me stand today without you by my side. I have one eye on the opportunities awaiting and one fixed on the clouds. You are sorely missed and loved beyond reason, my love. I'm confident you are soaking in the blessings of your new life with the One who created you. 

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