Thursday, December 6, 2012

"I'm angry at the world!"  People bark that everyday, but they usually mean they are having a really bad day and their world had better watch out.
But I'm really mad at the World!
Several weeks preparing for speaking engagements, pouring over films, articles, lectures expounding the tragedy of innocent children shattered by human trafficking and pornography, has taken its toll on me.
I'm outraged at despicable people who rob an innocent child of life and freedom and I'm disgusted with governments that ignore their young charges.
I 'm angry with the Enemy who authors this inconceivable evil and frustrated with a world that chooses to look the other way.
Why is it easier to cover our eyes, ears and heart to such an overwhelming mess? Could it be that we do care but struggle to even squelch our own daily fires?  I fear the world is just a stronger draw.  Prayer is replaced with a sitcom; investment in a vulnerable teen neglected because a favorite pastime.
So what do I do with today's simmering anger?
I guard my heart as I know that it determines the course of my life.
I hide Truth that I might not sin against the very One who sets beneath me the fire to fight this injustice.
And I continue the dialogue with the One who always listens and then, I speak, hoping my pleas for justice pierce. Even just one angry heart...

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