Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I love corporate worship; I love contemporary worship!  The notes and lyrics evoke a lot of emotion in me, but I wonder if I often get caught up in the concert atmosphere and forget to listen to God's heart. For the past few days I've been watching the live stream of Passion 2012.  Each talk has been so powerful and convicting that I've found myself broken over my disobedience, my indifference. At the end of each message, I've observed that many of the students immediately move into a time of raucous praise. Nothing wrong with hands held high, excited students singing to God at the top of their lungs, but I personally found myself silenced.  Tears spilled, not melody. Oh, I'm sure the Holy Spirit's presence there led most to cry out in gratitude, but I think I might have needed some time face down on that dome floor, time to process the magnitude of Jesus' cleansing blood, time to grieve 27 million enslaved. I wonder what might really happen if we placed the music on pause and just let the Spirit play.

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