Sunday, March 27, 2011

Annual heart checkup

It's that time of year when I see my heart specialist. I have "hiccups" in my heart rhythm, so he runs a yearly EKG and re-evaluates my medicines. Oh yeah...I have to step on the scales as well and I usually get "fussed at"! I always feel exposed during this visit. The EKG doesn't lie, telling my doctor and me if my heart is in sync; the scales rat out my secret snack attacks.

I do like the timing of this visit, though, as it falls close to Easter, reminding me to visit with God about my spiritual heart condition. Exposing the ugly places of my sinful heart is uncomfortable, but necessary for my journey with God. Would you join me in doing some serious reflection during these last few weeks leading up to the greatest celebration in history?

Consider taking a few minutes each day to ask yourself these questions:

Is my heart divided between God and other things?

Do I love Him with wholehearted devotion?

Is my heart in rhythm with the things God loves?

Does my heart skip a beat when I think about worldly things?

Are there any heart conditions in which I need God's healing, like pride, selfishness, dishonesty, ingratitude?

Is there something I need to fast from during this Lenten season in order to make my heart healthy?

Proverbs 4:23 reminds us that we have to guard our hearts at all cost.

Let's get heart healthy together!


Anonymous said...

Hope your heart hiccups will get better robin! But I LOVED how you tied that together those questions really do make you think.. shelby

Anonymous said...

Robin-that was great. Thank you for constantly making us think about were our relationship is with God. I need to focus more on Him than worrying about silly things-like how much sleep I'll be getting tonight! I need to give more of my time up for Him than selfish acts, like spending time on facebook. Thanks for making me examine my heart! See everyone Sunday! Brooke

Anonymous said...

Robin that was greattttttttttttttttttttt(: Thank you for everything that you've done. You're a true lady of Christ and we all look up to that. Im happy that i can always look back to that and help myself grow (: .Sandra

Anonymous said...

Robin- Thanks for the great questions! I tried to comment on the blog but I don't think it worked. Thanks for reminding me to love God with my whole heart instead of putting school, friends, distractions, etc. in front of Him! Emily

Anonymous said...

I love those questions, Robin! Those will really help me through these next few weeks especially! Thank you so much for sharing .

Anonymous said...

Valerie posted on facebook.