Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Katie Roberson, a former student from Tallowood, shared with me one her essays for a recent Christian college application. I asked her if I could share a portion that really touched my heart.

There are those who thirst, those who are consumed by hunger, those who are imprisoned with eyes without sight and ears that cannot find sound. Every last soul crafted by the hands of God shall hear of His name. It is our mission as a family and foundation of Christ to prove to this dying world that kindness continues to dwell among the thresholds of those who have been rescued by love.

Love is not only ours to keep but to give away. It is a well submerged in a sea of compassion, grace and sacrifice that society today seems to sail by without recognition. Human nature so often forgets that love is not infatuation with lust, love is no amount of money, love has no relationship to judgement nor a companion to selfishness. Love is no amount of time nor an item which can be bought. Love is sacrifice. Love is now. When pieces break, when hearts are shredded, when all that is seen is a veil of black, what is better than that of God to unmask the translucent culprit of darkness? Love will defeat the absence of light. Behind such walls of temptation do we hide. Come and listen, unlock the heart, and let the light of God illuminate every fiber of your being. Through obedience will those walls submit to the hand of God.

Thanks, Katie, for a profound guest post!

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Rachel said...

Katie! This is incredible! God has truly blessed you with words of wisdom! I miss you and I know God has amazing plans for your life!