Monday, May 3, 2010

Less of me, more of You...I've been watching life through new lenses. Sadly, I observe a malignancy attacking Kingdom life. The life-sucking "M" word...Me! I asked for fresh perspective; not to be disappointed. New cases of selfishness crop up daily, growing in epidemic proportion, but the ugliness is overshadowed by promising cure. One wise woman calls from the wilderness, challenging the sin-sick to shed their self-medicating approach to scripture study, replacing it with intentional search for the One who gives life to the Holy pages. I take the bait and plunge. Genesis: chapter one...His rich character calls from each life altering verse . Exodus: chapter three and evolving list shatters my complacent spirit.
May births healing from my chronic condition.

                          LORD, eradicate my Me disease!
              Infuse me with growing knowledge of only You.

Physician of my sin-sick soul,
To thee I bring my case;
My raging malady control,
And heal me by thy grace.
John Newton 1779

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