Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Piercing cry of death...young wife crumples in grief...tears tumble from men folk...
Forty four years cut short by an invasion of germs...a weakened heart ceasing to beat...
I stand at the edge of this unfolding crisis, beginning the dance of indecision. Do I penetrate this circle of love or do I simply retreat, assuming the preferred role of onlooker? My heart is crumbling for a family all too familiar with hardship, but my mind floods with "what if's." What if they reject a love offering? What if the spectators deem it invasive? What if I fumble?
The line is crossed by a force bigger than me, a holy Wind that sweeps me toward the carnage. He sends me to color the dark with His hope, a promise to rescue and restore.
A stranger's arm that wraps...a simple prayer that insecure soul who is chosen to cross over.

Father, You are faithful in Your love! Today, You will hold a family close. Today, You will spread Your balm over them. Today, You will call me to the edge again and once more, I will ask You to help me cross

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