Thursday, November 10, 2016

"People will be able to tell where our hope is by how we react today.  If you celebrate Trump more than you’ve ever celebrated Jesus, both online and in person, people will know which is more important to you.  And if you act like all is lost, people will suspect our confidence in Christ is more of a coping mechanism than an anchor for the soul." 
 John McGowan
I confess; I give most of the credit for this post to John McGowan, the lead pastor of Restoration City Church just outside of my beloved D.C.
But he got me thinking...
Perhaps most of us are still waking up from the long election night, the shock of the victory is softening. My guess remains that all parties were not expecting the outcome. The streets and news feeds have filled with First Amendment chatter, emotions still run raw, and the peaceful passage of power has begun.
It's a historic time for the world, so how do I, as a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ, react?
In Kindness
I honestly can't fully identify with minority groups. I've lived a safe, privileged, "in the box" life, but because of Christ's love inside me, I can show empathy for those who fear the future. I can respect the passion behind another's platform.
I will look outside of my tidy life and offer a hand, a smile, an encouraging word. 
Speak words of life; someone may be dying to hear them.
 My social media must be filled with hope and love!

In Prayer
If this election season has taught me anything, it's that repentant prayer undergirds everything!
I will pray for the incoming as well as the outgoing.
Not occasionally, but daily.
Change will be difficult for everyone.

In Unity
Throughout the weeks leading to November 8th, I heard many comments linking our worth to a party, to a particular race and gender.
Our worth is found in only One! No president defines me, only my identification with a Savior.

Did you catch 'in only One?' Unity in One!
People are watching; do they see believers unified or will fragmentation over a fleeting presidency cost souls?
 So I will speak good news that binds every tribe and nation, every tongue and people.
"Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples."        John 13:35 NLT

How will you respond in the days to come?

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