Monday, March 28, 2016

Mondays are usually study day, but today God took me on a bit of a detour. I went to look up a verse on my phone and just had to peek at an email from Revive Our Hearts ministry.
Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer...the interviewer's hook (at least for me.) The guest author, Margaret Nyman, recounts her and her husband's short journey with this terminal cancer.  Listen, I could have written it; this was my story! Do you know how rare it is for someone to write the ugly details of pancreatic cancer and wrap it in faith? 
And then the dam broke!  I haven't sobbed over Rob's cancer journey in months, but Margaret spoke of things I didn't even know weren't completely healed in me.  The comparisons were so uncanny that I reached out to her in an email. The interview, her book, her blog are GIFTS to me on this lonely Monday.  
But here's the coolest God thing: her blog, Getting Through This, is centered on "encouragement to keep moving forward," no matter what life tosses at us...cancer, divorce, financial setbacks, teenagers!  And that is exactly what I began studying when I sat down at my desk today: Hebrews 10, encouragement to keep moving forward!
God's winding roads are always the best, even when we have to pack a tissue or two.  

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