Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh, I miss my Mattie boy on his second birthday. We celebrated a bit early this weekend with cake and cookies. He couldn't have been more delighted with his Cars cake.

Mattie holds a very special place in my heart. He is the reason Rob held on so long.  He wanted to see this little guy's entrance into the world two years ago. Rob was too sick to travel to Austin, but he met him through the wonders of technology. Matthew gave all of us a few more weeks with our sweet Rob.
He may have not held him in his arms, but he left this earth holding his second grandson deep in his heart.
So each time he settles in my lap, I discover a little more about hope.  In the midst of the chaos of Sunday's party, Mattie grabbed my hand and said, "Gigi...Go."  And we escaped to a quiet place to play cars, the memory I will hold until we play again.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Mattie Boy!

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